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Professional 1 on 1 Acrylic Nail Training

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn".- Ben Franklin

Ditto Ben, ditto. 

As once a beginner nail tech myself, I understand the need for proper education and a very hands on approach for developing a skill of this nature. With my 1 on 1 trainings, I employ all the knowledge and techniques I have acquired during my 9 year tenure in the Nail Industry.

As a Nail artist and Educator, I am confident in my expertise and ability to troubleshoot your problems and help you get on track with proper techniques, product understanding and detail focus on your specific problem areas and concerns. 

So- if what your are looking for is someone to show you- the way... You've found the right place!

Welcome to Nail Fundamentals, where we Master the Basics and take your skill to the next level.


Hi, I'm Adalicia. Professional Nail Artist and Educator at ANC. The Academy of Nail Careers.

I am so exited you are here looking for that little extra support to advance your skills and knowledge.

Our training will consist of detail focus on your concerns and problems areas, with hands on practice to troubleshoot and develop proper techniques to advance your skill set. 

From Liquid to Powder ratios, proper angles, product use and understanding, proper hand filing and Efiling techniques, proper Nail plate preparation, infection control and much more!

Our time is focused on developing you as a Nail Artist and guiding you with correct knowledge and processes to develop your skill in the most efficient ways. 

"Proper" Practice Makes Perfect. - Practicing improperly only perfects your imperfections. This places importance on who you chose to learn from and receive guidance. As a Licensed, Professional Educator, my goal and desire is to teach you and guide you in the proper way, with consistently up to date knowledge and understanding of the Fundamentals and Science behind Acrylic Nails and our industry. 

To get started and learn more, click here-

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