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Acrylic Nail Training

Hey, I was a beginner once too. We all were. And one of the main concerns I specifically had was: Why does everyone do everything differently? What's the right way? As a beginner its hard to tell good from bad and right from wrong. 

Let me just say; the amount of misinformation out there is astonishing. How a craft so beautifully intricate is being simplified to some 1-2 step technique without reason is almost cringe-worthy to a Master Tech. 

Let me explain: The "Acrylic Nail" craft has layers, and each layer is affected by the previous ones. You miss a step or perform one improperly you are likely to then have sculpted a very weak nail which will soon face many challenges with its poor structure and adhesion causing discomfort and possible annoyance to your client, who will then likely not return. And that's best case scenario. 

What do I mean?-

I'll elaborate:

A perfectly structured Nail with poor or improper prep work, will be a weak lifting nail.

A perfectly prepped Nail Plate with poor application, will be a weak broken or lifting nail. 

A perfectly prepped, perfectly structured nail without properly sealed cuticles, will be a lifting Nail.

A perfectly prepped, perfectly structured, perfectly sealed cuticle without an Apex- is a broken and painful nail experience.

A perfectly prepped, perfectly structured, perfectly sealed cuticle with a beautifully sculpted Apex, under a lack of precautions using unsanitary tools and improper technique- is a possible infection or damage waiting to happen.

One step affects the other, affects the other- affects the other. 

It doesn't end there however, there's lots to know and consider in-between all that road to perfection. 

... And I'm here to teach it!

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The Truths...

With so many videos on YouTube, TikTok, IG, FB etc, and so many Nail Techs with beautiful nail art offering classes and trainings, it's hard to distinguish good from bad, right from wrong and just outright absurd as a beginner. I know, I was once one of them watching those videos, not knowing the true ramification of what I was watching and implementing, or even the bad practices I was adopting.

...But is there really right or wrong in this Artistic field? Absolutely. Science consists of ultimate truths that cannot be overlooked. And Acrylic Nails my friends- is Science. Techniques may vary (slightly)- but the Fundamental goal of the techniques will always remain the same. 

The problems lie in- the lack of knowledge and understanding of the science (chemistry, geometry) behind the techniques so many strive to teach. 

Many can slap on an Acrylic Nail and show you how to do it- but few can offer invaluable knowledge and true skill to help you achieve Mastery and a reputation that gains the trust of a Loyal Client Base, which ultimately means- a nice 6 Figure income. 

As a beginner, I searched and I searched for answers no one was offering- mainly consisting of: "Why's? and "What for?" and because I wasn't getting them, I went on a solo journey in search of basic fundamentals and facts about this complex field I suddenly took interest in. And as the old idiom goes- "Seek, and ye shall find." And boy did I find. I learned more than I intended to- and because I love to share my knowledge I am eager to show you all I have learned. 

I offer 1/1 In-person and Virtual trainings. They are 3 hours long and while the structure is set to help you in your problem areas, the trend has proven to be the same across the board- and most beginners need help with liquid to powder ratio, application, use of e-file and hand files, and a general understand of the science, tools and products being used.

I am confident in my knowledge, my skill set, my teaching ability and my full understanding of the Art and Science behind Acrylic Nails, and I so want to teach it to anyone willing to learn. 

Are you interested? Feel free to look around my site and check me out. If we are in alignment professionally- then I am just a click away from a training you are sure to get the most out of. 

I'm here to help. 

I'll see you soon!

Have questions? Shoot me an email. 

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