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At Nail Fundamentals- The basics, the Fundamentals of this craft is what the focus has been for years. To provide every client and student with the opportunity of not just beautiful- but long lasting perfectly crafted nails that wont lift, or break. 

Picture this; You take time off to have your nails done and then one breaks within days? Now you and your tech have to find the time off your schedules to repair it. Or this one- Ever run your fingers through your hair and it gets caught and ripped by the lifting acrylic? How about getting your nails done for vacation, paying top dollar and soon as you land you break 3 nails grabbing your luggage? Yeah, I know, it sucks! 

So I made that my purpose. To ensure my clients got what they paid for. To ensure they left my chair happy, and to ensure they returned with all 10 nails fully intact and make Nail Fundamentals synonymous with High Quality. 

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About Me...

Oh boy, ok- here I go. I am half Palestinian and half Cuban. Two very different parts of the world with amazingly different cultures and traditions. Those differences turned out to be huge staples in my life growing up. Bounced about different countries until my highly educated, well meaning parents settled here in the States. 

Between culture shocks, language barriers, physical differences and probably more than I care to remember- being a little immigrant girl who couldn't quite fit in with anyone forced me to retreat into myself. 

As I became a young woman, like many young people- I made my mistakes and a few big oopsies. 

I became a young parent at 19. Then again at 21. Got into a little trouble a couple of times and ultimately decided some things needed changing. I graduated college with a Degree in Psychology and let me just say; those 5 years in college were pivotal for my mental health. Especially considering I was a single mother of 2 in college with no sense of true self or purpose. 

In 2011 I lost my father and met my husband. And since then, my life has been an uphill stride of growth and change and true transformation into becoming the person I wanted to be. 

Today, I am a confident business owner with a true sense of self and purpose. And part of that purpose is to share what I have learned and help others along this journey of life. 

About Nail Fundamentals


I'm always accepting new clients and students. Contact me for any information.

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