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Marble Surface

Meet the Artist

Hi, I'm Adalicia. I'm so happy you're here and looking into my work! Let me tell you a little about myself. I have been in the Nail industry for 7 years. I absolutely love my field of work! However, It was very overwhelming at first, in fact- I quit twice in the beginning. I felt like it was just too hard, too much and like no matter how many new things I learned- it felt like I was never going to catch up to this ever growing field. I was drained and unmotivated and disappointed in myself for not learning everything all at once! Silly, I know. 

To my luck, an old High school friend discovered I had gotten into the field of Acrylic nails and reached out. To my surprise, she had been in the industry 10 years and offered to help! I was ecstatic! I was elated! I was so so so relieved that there was someone out there who was willing to help me. The first thing she said to me during our first learning session was- "Don't worry about art right now. Worry first about your foundation and quality. Once you perfect that, you move on to art."

I didn't know it then, but that was the best possible piece of advice anyone in the industry has ever given me! So guess what I did?- Yup! Worked diligently to perfect the quality of my foundation, structure and longevity. The art? That definitely soon followed more easily. 

As your Nail tech, I will always strive for perfection. I will do the best possible job on your nails each and every time. And as an Instructor- You better believe I will teach you everything I struggled so much to learn. With structure, patience and the understanding that we all learn differently. I will teach you well because I care, because I've been there, and because I believe that if you're going to do something- you may as well do it right and make the best of it! Also- because I love what I do. 

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