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Nail Fundamentals

Go Beyond a Pretty Nail. 

“Luxury is understanding Quality and having the time to enjoy it.”

G Bruce Boyer


I Couldn’t agree more. Have you ever paid good money for your service and your new nails start to fall or lift within the week? How about 2 weeks? What if I told you your nails could last well beyond 4 weeks without lifting or breaking? (Though you shouldn’t wait longer than 3-4 weeks, it’s just not safe.) 

We all agree that the Art is important and part of the reason many of us even get our nails done, but there is something fundamentally more important- Its' Foundation. Understanding the Fundamentals of Acrylic nails allows for a strong, well balanced, and structurally secured nail. Which means- You get to enjoy them safely from week 1 to week 4 without missing one, breaking 3, or catching your hair in all the lifting. Ouch!

Whether you are seeking Nail Services, or 1/1 Acrylic Nail Training for beginners/intermediate levels- I can assure you one thing- I will give you the highest Quality work I can offer.

With 8 years of experience, I have made understanding the science behind Acrylic Nails my mission and my priority. I eventually realized there was more science involved than anyone had ever voiced while beginning my journey. And that bit of information- is what changed everything about how I viewed and sculpted Acrylic Nails.  

Understanding the proper use of chemicals and their relationship with temperature, understanding proper techniques, how to avoid and fix your mistakes and all the details and safety in between, is what separates a Nail technician from a Nail Master.

If you are looking to have Beautiful Long-lasting High Quality Nails, then go ahead and click on “Make an Appointment” and select Services.

If you need help refining your skill, click on the same and select “Training”.

See you soon!

Let’s go Beyond a Pretty Nail; Let's make it a strong one.

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