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Nail Fundamentals

Go beyond a pretty Nail, Mastering the Fundamentals.

Hi. I’m Adalicia, Nail Artist and Educator.

Glad you’re here. I have something to tell you…

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. - Thomas A. Edison

My, how true that rings…

When I began my Nail Career almost a decade ago, I quit twice before fully committing and embracing the challenge that is- Acrylic Nails. Why did I quit? Because it was hard. I had no guidance, nail school was crap, and I needed to make money.

How did I get back to it? I realized (personally) that working for someone else was even harder than Mastering the Science of Acrylic Nails. And I hated it, I did not like being on someone else’s time and dime. And with three kiddos at home, I needed to be in charge of my daily schedule. So I went to my desk, picked up my Kolinsky brush, opened my products and said- “it’s this for yourself, or go work for somebody else” and on to practice my “acrylic to powder ratio” I went.

9 years later I find myself in a classroom teaching a room full of Nail Technician students at ANC (The Academy of Nail Careers) how to remain patient with themselves, as I teach them all the Beauty, Art and Science that is- Acrylic Nails.

Is it easy? No. Not at first. But then, yes.

Is it fun? Absolutely.

Will you cry and pull your hairs out? Possibly (jokes). But I will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Wether you need a 1 on 1 session after graduating, or want to become a licensed professional through ANC- I’ll be your Educator.  There’s more to Acrylic Nails than just the art. It is first and foremost a Science. The art? Well that’s just the most awesome byproduct of this particular science.

Are you ready to experience Acrylic Nails (either as a student, or a client) the way they were intended? With Beauty, style and most importantly- strength and a solid structure? And crafted by a Professional employing proper infection control practices and careful preparation of your natural nail to avoid any damages?


Ok. Then let me show you the proper way.

Welcome to Nail Fundamentals.

Nail Glitters
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